Left: Dijit 2.6 with YouTube - Right: The Beacon

Dijit is the free iOS application that works with the Beacon from Griffin. The Beacon converts the Bluetooth signals of your iPhone into an infra-red signals used to control various audio-video (AV) devices, you will need to download the free Dijit app to remote control your TV, VCR, set-top box, sound system, media player…

Today, Dijit 2.6 is available in the Apple app store and offers new cool features including the ability to search YouTube for related videos to the show you are watching on TV, Check-ins, Facebook and Twitter sharing in one click, improved navigation with additional icons on the Showcards (that’s how Dijit calls the show detail page).

Check the detailed new feature list in the complete article.

New features – highlights


Left: improved Showcard with new icons - Right: new YouTube feature

Improved Showcards

There is a new set of icons you can use to view Showcards (the screens that display information about the TV shows). The icons are, in order, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Home, Social Activity, Upcoming Episodes, Cast & Crew, YouTube, and Check-In.

YouTube Videos

Now, when you find a show with the Dijit channel guide, you can click to view related YouTube videos, the feature gives access to all kinds of sorting and display options. The videos play within the Dijit app, using the full YouTube player, and it is possible to even AirPlay them to your AppleTV.



Check-ins in Facebook and Twitter

Now with just a click you can quickly tell your friends what show you are watching, and add a comment about it. There is no Mayor, King, Duke, or Lord of anything right now, but who knows what Dijit will come up with in the future?

Share Videos on Facebook and Twitter
Any video you are watching within Dijit on YouTube can be one-click shared with comments to your favorite social networking services. These icons are displayed on all the sub-screens for a Showcard, and give users easy access to the content they want.

More information on the Dijit blog post.

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