While game applications on our smartphones and tablets are fun enough, Disney is looking to add a new dimension to the gaming experience with the addition of a physical toy, as pictured above. The new interactive Disney Appmates has been designed to allow children to use their favorite Disney characters (in the form of a physical toy) as a “token” (much like the tokens used in Monopoly), which is used in conjunction with Disney’s iPad apps.

How it works is that each toy will feature a unique footprint that the iPad’s touch screen is able to recognize, which then helps the app to identify which car is sitting on top of it. The app is then said to tailor the experience according to that particular toy. At the moment the toys available include Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Finn McMissile, and Holley Shiftwell.  Two additional characters, Francesco Bernoulli and Shu Todoroki will be launched in November.

The toys along with the app is said to be launched on the 1st of October, and will set you back $20 for two cars, with the toys being available via retail Disney stores or online at the Disney store’s website. The app itself will be free and can be found on the iTunes App Store.

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