Folks over at the Technical University of Denmark managed to cobble together a portable EEG system that comprises of a low-cost scalp monitor and a smartphone application. This is not exactly rocket science, but the positive implications of such a contraption is definitely worth looking into – a resemblance of a handheld EEG unit. All it requires is an Emotiv headset that you should be able to pull off a shelf, hook it up to a wireless USB receiver as well as connecting that to a Nokia N900, and you’re good to go. Who says there is no need to purchase a Nokia anymore?


All data from the EEG will be decrypted by the phone immediately, where it is then converted into an 3D OpenGL-based animation so that one can experience speedy, on-site monitoring without having to wheel around a station or make sure a computer configuration is set up.

It has even been “proven” to decode brain states in order to perform some pretty basic functions such as scrolling through galleries, opening up and closing down applications. Would you want to go to a meeting all wired up like this?

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