If you carry out with you a variety of gadgets, such as a smartphone, a tablet, a portable gaming console, camera etc, you probably have a ton of devices that need charging by the end of the day. GAMETECH’s Double USB Charger will allow you to charge up to two devices simultaneously from one device while on the go, without the need for battery packs or additional batteries for your gadgets.

As pictured above, the Double USB Charger will allow you to plug in two devices that can be charged via USB. What makes the charger really handy is that it only uses 4xAA batteries, which means unless you’re traveling to the desert or jungle, you should be able to drop by a convenient store to pick up additional AA batteries when they get depleted.

Each USB port apparently provides about 400mA worth of power to whatever device is connected to it at the moment, which we guess isn’t a lot when you think about it, but should be enough to allow your phones to make a couple of calls and for you to save your game before your portable gaming console dies on you.

The Double USB Charger will come with a variety of adapters for a range of devices, such as the PSP and various Nintendo DS’s and even your iPhone. It is expected to retail for ¥1,580 which is about $21, although we’re not sure if it will be available outside of Japan.

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