Gibson Firebird X
If you’re looking forward to get your hands on the limited edition Gibson Firebird X guitars, get those credit cards or dollar bills ready because the start shipping out this Friday. Gibson has just announced that on September 30th, consumers will be able to buy one of these guitars. They will be limited to only 1,800 models in two unique finishes – Redolution and Bluevolution and will carry an MSRP of $5,570.

Besides being limited edition and wearing a striking coat of paint, what’s so great about this guitar? Well, it features automatic self-tuning, multiple in-guitar effects, and wireless pedal control. If you’re looking for a hi-tech guitar, it doesn’t get any more advanced than this.

The Firebird X eliminates the need for any additional effects pedals by providing everything you need on the guitar itself. Which makes travelling so much more convenient and hassle-free, not to mention setting up becomes as easy as just plugging your guitar into the amp. The auto tuner ensures you stay in tune all the time and lets you switch tunings on the fly, no need to carry two guitars around just to avoid the tuning process.

While most guitar purists would scoff at such an instrument and would spend their hard-earned money somewhere else instead, I think the Firebird is a great step forward in guitar technology and would like to see it implemented in more models in the future – just that the price needs to be lowered for people to embrace it more willingly. What do you think? Find out more.

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