Google Maps 3D route preview

While Google Maps’ regular 2D view is usually more than enough for you to find your way to your destination, sometimes it’s not – especially when you’re unfamiliar with the territory, and have no idea what the buildings on the map look like. Well, it seems that folks at Google recognized this problem as an issue and has taken it upon themselves to fix it.


Google announced on its official Google Maps blog today the launch of its 3D route preview. Available on Google Maps for the web, users now have the option to see how a route looks like in 3D by clicking the 3D play button. The map will switch to Earth view and automatically start flying you along your recommended route. You can pause the flight at anytime to explore the surrounding area in 3D and you can even skip ahead or backwards in case you miss out something or you’re in a hurry. Once you’re done with the 3D view, you can simply click 2D to go back to the regular view.

Talk about innovative – now you’ll be able to recognize the roads and streets of a place you’ve never even been to before. Google Maps: helping folks find their way since 2005. Check out 3D view at the Google Maps website now.

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