The devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated Japan in March earlier this year certainly brought about plenty of changes in the lives of survivors, not to mention a post-earthquake energy crisis that states certain buildings cannot be cooled to anywhere less than 82 degrees (in Fahrenheit in case you were wondering), which has certainly led to many a corporate drone sweating at their cubicles since they cannot look more casual than their clients. Necessity being the mother of invention has struck Ryotaro Kishi on his head, where he decided to wear Hawaiian shirts to work – something that is truly startling and never been done before.


Japan’s conservative business culture says that wearing proper attire is a sign of respect to one’s superior, so to dress down in such a manner might bring about a shock to the old school vanguards, but if it does its job in keeping the employee cool without having to sweat, raising productivity in the process, why not? Isn’t that far better than looking extremely sharp in the Boss suit, only to perform poorly at work?

I am quite sure that this idea can be taken further in zanier methods, but it will take some time before everyone else embraces and absorbs such a corporate culture.

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