Fitness enthusiasts will probably tell you that keeping an eye out on your heart rate is one of the ways to see how hard, and how well you are pushing yourself during a workout. Keeping a low heart rate before surgery is also important, and this iOS game, “I Heart Jellyfish” by Ayogo Games seems to have combined the technique of keeping a steady heartbeat together with a game.

The player’s heartbeat will be measured by wearing a patch which is then connected to the device. The heartbeat of the player will be linked to his/her avatar, which in this case will be a jellyfish. The point of the game is to try and maintain a steady heartbeat as the bioluminescence surrounding your jellyfish avatar will grow/shrink depending on your heartbeat. A faster heartbeat will cause the glow to increase, while a slower heartbeat will cause the glow to shrink.

The glow will attract a variety of sea creatures which you have to devour, however it will also attract larger creatures which you want to avoid, so by keeping a steady heartbeat you can try your best to avoid the larger creatures while devouring the smaller ones. It will be interesting to see what else this app can be used for besides the ones that we mentioned above.

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