Your regular landline phone might need a design revamp after looking the same for a couple of decades already, and invoxia has taken up this particular task with their next generation desktop phone known as the invoxia NVX 610. What makes this particular phone so special? For starters, it will be able to play nice with some iOS-powered devices that serve as its control interface, while boasting an ultra-innovative acoustic design for unparalleled sound quality in both handsfree mode and personal communications.

There will be 8 wide-bandwidth speakers and an equal number of digital microphones incorporated into this system, and whenever conference mode is turned on, it will double up as a virtual placement of remote speakers in the room in addition to delivering automatic local speaker localization to re-create the feel of a physical conversation.

Not only that, In Vivo Acoustic technology that boasts of echo and background noise cancellation systems will add further quality to your conversations. The invoxia NVX 610 will play nice with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch, iPad and its successor, coming alongside a set of 3 smart magnetic handset holders to suit your preference. It isn’t going to be cheap at $599 a pop though. [PDF Press Release]

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