One of the big questions that is probably being asked right now in the tech world is “When will the iPhone 5 be launched?” It’s probably followed up or preceded by questions such as “Is there even an iPhone 5?” or “Will it be the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 this year?” While we are still in the dark regarding new iPhone devices, we do know that Apple has plans to launch iOS 5 alongside iCloud soon, with some speculating that the iPhone 5 will be launched alongside it as well and the new date that many are pegging is the 5th of October.

Early rumors had the iPhone 5 set for a September launch, but as the date approached, it started to seem more unlikely which saw the launch date pushed to October. Some are saying that Apple has chosen the 5th of October to announce the iPhone 5 for symbolic reasons – iOS 5, iPhone 5, 5th of October.

We had previously reported that the white iPod touch would be launched in October, and given how the 5th of October is only two days before Sprint’s Media Event, some are thinking that the 5th of October date is very likely. What do you guys think? Is the 5-5-5 symbolism something Apple cannot resist or is it all just wishful thinking?

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