Thanks to scientists and their research at the University of Leeds, it appears that jelly has been upgraded from a tasty treat to something that could possibly power your mobile devices in the future, in a thinner, cheaper and safer manner – just don’t expect it to be edible or come in fruity flavors!

The polymer gel that the scientists have come up with is made out of 70% liquid electrolyte while remaining somewhat firm, which means that it can be molded to fit a variety of devices, which means that it could also be flattened to aid in thinner devices in the future. It seems that not only will this jelly-like battery be thinner, it is cheaper and safer due to the lamination process which apparently “seals the electrodes together so that there is no excess flammable solvent and liquid electrolyte”, a problem that has plagued lithium-ion batteries in the past and has resulted in several recalls.

At the moment the battery is being tested out in various trials to get it ready for use in our electronic devices, but the bad news is that there’s no word as to how soon we can start seeing these jelly-like batteries make their way into the consumer market.

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