Keyboard cases/attachments for tablets have usually been standard fare, with nothing much to shout about. They tend to be sleek and they get the job done, but for those who are fussy about design and looks, the Levitatr Kickstarter project might be something you may want to check out.


As with most keyboard docks for tablets, the Levitatr will be paired with your tablet via Bluetooth, and what makes it so unique is that when not in use, the entire surface and the keys appear to be black, but when you want to use it, a touch of a button will cause the keys to rise out of the chassis and illuminate, thus the name Levitatr, which we’re assuming is based on the keys “levitating”. Not only is this a sleek and elegant design, but it also allows you to clean the surface of the keyboard and get rid of those bread crumbs and dead skin.

The chassis of the Levitatr is made out of a single piece of aluminum, very reminiscent of Apple products, and not surprising as well considering that there will be five buttons built into the keyboard that are iPad specific. Measuring in at 12.5mm thick, the Levitatr is powered by 4 AAA batteries and for non-iOS tablet owners, not to worry as the Levitatr will be able to support the HP TouchPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, if you’re interested in donating some money, a pledge of $79 will net you the Levitatr Bluetooth keyboard if and when it goes into production. For more information head on down to its Kickstarter page.

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