There are people who work with one computer but with multiple monitors, and then there are those who work with multiple computers with multiple monitors, which usually results in a table strewn with keyboards and mice. Not the most elegant setup but is sometimes necessary in certain professions, and not content with the current solution, Truong Do, an employee at Microsoft Dynamics has come up with what he calls “Mouse without Borders”.

It seems that Truong was sick of having to deal with the different mouse and keyboard configurations for each PC in the office, so he decided to see if he could control the various computers from a single keyboard and mouse and it looks like he succeeded.

Through the use of a software developed by Truong, it is possible for the user to log in and out of multiple PCs through a single keyboard and mouse. Not just limited to that feature, you can easily switch between PCs and copy files between them as simple as dragging and dropping them, which on the surface looks like a single computer with multiple monitors.

All it requires if for you to download the software that Microsoft has decided to make available from Microsoft’s website (direct download link), and a network setup among the PCs to allow communication between the computers and the software. Check the video below for a demonstration.

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