Do you remember the iconic Pixar lamp that jumped on the letter “P”, stomping it to oblivion before turning its head towards you, the audience? Well, it seems that this lamp has inspired someone to make use of the arcane knowledge of DIY in order to fashion what is dubbed the SM-1 – or if you want to be a little bit less formal, the Ikea Robot Lamp. Yes sir, some Swedish furniture design with common sense, a little bit of time over the weekend, and working knowledge of Arduino ought to get you started right away. You can view a video of the SM-1 after the jump.

The SM-1 is actually ArduinoArts’ finalist entry for SeeedStudio’s Grove Toy Kit contest, where team leader Javier Lander, who is an engineer by profession, decided to merge a couple of servos together, throwing in sensors at all of the relevant places for motion and sound purposes, coupling those with a 3-axis accelerometer, LED light and audio board to an Arduino shield, and you’re good to go.

Definitely something to impress the nerdette whom you have been trying to woo all this while. Perhaps if it could shoot laser beams from its eyes, that would work great?

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