How big of a Super Mario fan are you? There are probably tons of Super Mario merchandize out there, ranging from clothing to soft toys, keychains and what not, but perhaps you might want to add this interactive Super Mario figurine to your list of collectibles, and given that they’re priced rather cheaply, we think that even casual Super Mario players will get a kick out of these.

These figurines are available via Amazon Japan and they cost ¥777 each, which roughly translates to $10 per figurine. What makes these figurines fun is that they are interactive, so in the figurine to the left, whenever you make Mario “jump” on the Koopa Troopa shell, it will make the “1UP” sound, and in the figurine to the right, when you push on Mario “down” the pipe, it will play the famous warp jingle that’s well known to Mario players all over the world.

Unfortunately if you’re living outside of Japan, it appears that Amazon Japan will not ship to you, so you will have to go through a proxy delivery service, but either way if you’re interested, head on down to Amazon Japan to check out both figurines!

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