Some concepts remain just that – a concept that has not been fleshed out in the form of a prototype, but you can be sure with the latest Tag Heuer chronograph concept, things are different. After all, it is said to be so precise that a blink of the eye might cause you to miss out on its movement – considering it runs on the Mikrotimer Flying 1000’s watch movement that runs at 500Hz.

For comparison’s sake, other high-end chronos seemingly plod along at 5Hz, so you can tell just what kind of precision level that the Tag Heuer team has been working on. Hitting 3.6 million beats each hour, the concept watch that was originally meant to be a one-off device will now come in several units, but you will need to be a serious horologist if you want one – no thanks to the €65,000 ($88,580) price tag. If you want all ten, then be prepared to pay more than half a million Euros, as I suppose the price on the secondary market is going to be much, much higher.

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