You can never quite tell just when the next weirdo is going to whisk your kid away – there are far too many cases to cite from the past to make this a very real and present fear for today’s parents. Gone are the carefree days when you can leave your kids to their own devices around the neighborhood, and they’ll return home safe and sound in the evening. At least companies are aware of such a threat to the young ones, hence AT&T has partnered with Amber Alert GPS to roll out the V3 Connect Child Tracking Device.


This particular child tracking device is nifty as it enables parents to remain notified of the current location of their children, as parents can create “Zones” wherever they please, be it around their home, neighborhood, or school and soccer field. Whenever a child exits or enters a Zone, said parent will receive an email or text alert. Should the V3 detect your child stumble within 500 feet of a registered sex offender’s home, it will also alert you.

There is also an SOS button for the little one to activate if they need to alert their parents in time of need and assistance. Are you a parent who thinks that this is something that all kids need to have? [Press Release]

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