As careful as senior citizens might be, some of them still suffer from falls – and many a fatal injury has been caused by a fall, so walking aids will definitely come in handy to prevent such unwanted tragedies. The Electric Walking Aid that you see above is something else – developed by Murata Manufacturing, this is basically the prototype version of an electric walking assistance car. Relying on current technology that already sees action in Murata’s promotional robots, Murata Seisaku-kun and Murata Seiko-chan, such technology will prevent them from falling over.

Basically, it is meant to function as a walking aid for seniors as well as help folks who have to deal with bulky luggage, including baby carriages and shopping carts. Not only does it help prevent falls, there is also built-in power assist capabilities where the gyro sensor will detect just how the body is tilted, so that the tires that rely on an inverted pendulum principle will work in order to keep its balance. No idea on a commercial release, but we don’t think that something like this in the mass market will be cheap.

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