One thing you cannot deny about gamers would be this fact – they’re an extremely creative lot. After all, to solve puzzles in certain games do require a certain level of cerebral power, and when it comes to RPGs, sometimes you need to polish up on your reading skills to be able to remember who said what, as many a time clues are embedded within your nested conversations. Well, this creativity can be channeled in different ways, and some of us decide to take the DIY route – case in point, this miniature, hand-crafted GLaDOS model that is more than happy to reside in one’s tresses.

Instead of wearing flowers, this is the perfect hair clip or decoration of sorts to send the geek in your life totally wild, and even more in love with you. Apart from that, it is so full of detail, some people might actually think that this is the real deal, an officially licensed peripheral that you can purchase off the shelf from somewhere, but unfortunately, it isn’t.

Luke Walker is the person behind this incredibly detailed version of the GLaDOS.

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