Rumored iPad 3 dock connectorNow that the excitement of the iPhone 4S has come to an end, it’s time for the rumor mill to start up again, but now the device in question would be Apple’s hit tablet – the iPad 3. We’ve previously heard that production of the tablet might start by the end of this year, and now a Japanese site – Macotakara, who has a “reliable source”, claims that iPad 3 will be manufactured at the end of January 2012 instead. But that’s not the interesting part – the tablet is also said to be released no earlier than March next year.


The iPad 3 is also said to have a smaller, redesigned dock connector though it will feature the same 30-pin input and electricity specification. Kinda makes you wonder why they even bother redesigning it in the first place if it functions just like the old connector except that it won’t be compatible with older accessories. Perhaps Apple doesn’t want users to reuse their old accessories with their new tablets? We’ll just have to wait and see whether these rumors are true.

Apple Insider also reported that according to another source, there is going to be one more iOS device to join the ranks of the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Apple TV – however the information is supposed to be “not reliable” albeit “interesting”. I wonder what it could be?

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