Some people just talk about things, but others actually do them – case in point, Land Rover’s Range_e concept which first made an appearance at the International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, has finally made its way to a parking lot in Bristol, England, where it remained plugged in to have its built-in battery juiced up. What makes the Range_e concept so special? For starters, it has CO2 emissions of just 89 grams per kilometer, which is by far and large a whole lot less compared to the non-hybrid diesel’s 243 grams per kilometer.

The idea of this concept is powered by a 3-liter turbocharged diesel engine, aided by a 69-kilowatt electric motor as well as a lithium ion battery pack. Using nothing but electric power, this puppy is able to travel you and your mates as far as 20 miles. I uses plug-in hybrid versions that are coming your way will comply with European emissions standards and U.S. CAFE requirements. No idea on how much it will cost though – but it does seem to be a viable proposition if you want a huge ride that does not add more burden to our ozone layer.

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