Nyxio Venture MMVIf you’ve ever wanted to experience having a personal theater in front of your very eyes, and want to bring it around everywhere you go at the same time, you’re in luck. Nyxio Technologies Corporation has just announced its upcoming video eyewear called the Venture MMV. Designed to fit into your sunglasses case, this portable video eyewear lets users enjoy watching movies or reading books no matter where they are – without having to stress their neck and eyes by hunching over the small display of their smartphones or tablets.

Worn just like a pair of regular spectacles, the Venture MMV features a high resolution 62″ 16:9 widescreen virtual display that can be used to show videos, games and eBooks. While it isn’t 3D-capable (like Vuzix’s offerings), it has built-in storage (2GB) and a microSD slot (up to 32GB) for you to keep your files so you can watch/read by using the glasses alone. It uses a USB interface for file transferring purposes.

The Venture MMV also has attached earphones for you to enjoy audio in “superb sound quality”. No word on technical specs like resolution or battery life or any mention of supported inputs, but prices for the Venture MMV start at $332. Find out more.

[Press Release]

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