It is rather strange, don’t you think, to see a portable gaming console being made available via a mobile carrier? Well, that is an idea that you certainly need to get used to – especially when Sony has just sent their upcoming handheld console that will take over the PlayStation Portable – the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita for short), that will hit the US next February 22nd alongside Touch My Katamari, over to the FCC.

The PS Vita naturally picked up FCC approval for its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, not to mention GSM 850/1900 bands and WCDMA bands II and IV support. There will be two variants of the PS Vita released, where one of them would be the 3G and Wi-Fi capable model, while the other rocks to nothing but W-Fi only. If you prefer the former, then you will have to stick to AT&T’s 3G network in the US, where it will cost you three Benjamins, while the other model will save you $50 in the process upon purchase. Which would do it for you?

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