Wearing a raincoat makes perfect sense for those who get around on bicycles and motorcycles whenever it starts to pour outside, but what happens to all the water that falls? Surely it will just wash off the raincoat and end up in drains somewhere? Not with this particular raincoat known as the “Raincatch” garment – it will go beyond both umbrellas and raincoats, where it can also capture, filter and store rainwater just in case you end up being thirsty. Seems to be perfect if you so happen to be bitten by the wanderlust bug and love adventuring around in tropical weather.


Raincatch is the merger of current technology by Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design in Denmark. These two designers actually took the standard raincoat and so that all collected rain water in the collar would filter down the back of the coat, going through chemically purifying charcoal filters in the process and are stashed away around the coat hips.

Of course, it will end up as extra weight to tote around, but at least you have more drinking water to go around, right? Now to work on that rain charm dance that witchdoctors perform whenever there is a drought.

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