To be a surgeon, one needs a steady pair of hands. Otherwise, you would not want a sensitive operation done on your eyes with one who has jittery hands, do you? Well, a robot will certainly eliminate all sorts of variables such as family problems, work pressure and the like, since a robot has no emotion. This is where the brainchild of PhD student Thijs Meenink will come in handy. Hailing from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, his design will rely on a couple of control modules that comprise of a master and a slave, where the secondary slave unit will filter out a surgeon’s hand tremors to prevent accidental damage to the eye during surgery.

Basically, should the ophthalmologist suddenly make a movement by as much as a centimeter, the system will compensate for that by moving but a millimeter. Boastinga suite of tools that each measure just a half-millimeter wide, with hot-swappable function that takes mere seconds, the overall slimness of the tools will enable it to enter the same tiny opening multiple times – without the need to punch new holes.

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