Samsung decided to be a wet blanket at the iPhone 4S‘ launch in Sydney, Australia, employing the classic price cut strategy. Oh, and what a cut it was! We’re talking about Samsung advertising the Galaxy S2 just down the road form Sydney’s Apple Store (a rented place, no doubt about it), where the first ten people in line at the Samsung Music Hub awareness shop will be able to bring home the Galaxy S2 for a mere $2 (in local currency, of course).

This offer is good for a week only, so I am quite sure you will see campers for the entire week already taking their place, although this promotion might not be able to prevent the mass adoption of iPhone 4S devices in Australia considering how the pre-order phase of the “best iPhone yet” has broken the old record already. Which side of the divide are you on? I do wonder whether the 70 people or so who picked up the Galaxy S2 for $2 after this will still purchase an iPhone 4S – someone should do a follow-up to find out the results.

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