I understand that HTC have their Scribe technology which first debuted with the HTC Flyer, allowing you to jot down all of your thoughts onto your tablet as though you were using a pen. Well, Samsung thinks that there is room for improvement – or they figured out that having a stylus in the future is something worth devoting their resources to, hence the announcement that the Samsung S Pen SDK is being prepared to be released to developers in due time.

Widely expected to come out in December, the SDK will basically enable third-party developers to take advantage of the S Pen functionality on future Samsung devices. Apart from that, Samsung mentioned that they will open up a whole new category known as S Choice in Samsung Apps so that such special apps will be hosted there. Right now, we do know that there are a few confirmed apps in that category, where among them include Zen Brush, OmniSketch, Soonr, iAnnotate PDF and ComicBook.

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