Siri is what sets the iPhone 4S apart from the iPhone 4, and it appears that there are some who are wondering why Siri wouldn’t be able to work on the iPhone 4 or the iPad 2. A week ago we reported that porting Siri over to the iPhone 4 would be equivalent of piracy, but that has not stopped iOS developers from attempting to port it over anyway. The previous attempt we reported found that bringing the feature over was possible, but unfortunately it was blocked from connecting to Apple’s servers, at least until now.

A different iOS developer by the name of @Jackoplane has tweeted several hours ago that he managed to get Siri up on and running on “anything that runs iOS 5”. He also claims that he managed to get Siri on non-iPhone 4S’ to connect to Apple’s server, but unfortunately that’s pretty much all he had to say. At this time of reporting, he has not uploaded any photos or videos of his work in action as evidence, but he claims that he has plans to release the port eventually. If he is successful it looks like Jackoplane will be the first developer who successfully manages to bring Siri (as in fully functional) over to non-iPhone 4S’.

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