A paperless environment is definitely worth looking into, although I do not think that it is viable at this moment since paper is still an important aspect in terms of documentation. Wireless connectivity, however, has its place in the future, but there are still limits to it. Wireless headphones have been around for quite some time already as it lays the ghost of a wired existence to rest, but how about wireless charging?

This is exactly what TDK has done by rolling out a prototype pair of headphones that can be juiced up sans wires, where the company is tipped to do the same for smartphones down the road. Not only that, there is also the quiet expectation of using the same system in charging up electric vehicles down the road if all goes well, thanks to the model of a toy car that has a power reception coil attached underneath. In order to juice up the car while it moves, a power transmission coil will be embedded in the course that was made for the toy car. I suppose in the real world, that would mean transmission coils being integrated in all our roads which is a Herculean undertaking.

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