The condition known as ‘lazy eye,’ or amblyopia, has been deemed by many in the medical fraternity to be virtually un-repairable once the patient is past the age of 10. Hope springs eternal though, with Dr. Somen Ghosh deciding to use a fun method as his form of treatment – that is, video games. So far his test groups have shown some rather promising results, so more research needs to be done in this area.


According to Dr. Ghosh, all 100 participants from Dr. Ghosh’s eye clinic in India were divided into a quartet of groups. To make sure everything is properly done, all received the standard lazy eye treatment of wearing an eye patch over the stronger eye for at least a couple of hours daily, going through the motions of exercises that encouraged use of the weaker eye. One group had an hour of video games to play with their weaker eye, and it seemed as though that group came out with the most favorable results.

Of course, this is not conclusive just yet, but it might just cause you to purchase that shiny new Xbox 360 for your kid as a preventative measure against lazy eye – at least tell the missus that so you can have some Battlefield or Call of Duty action.

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