We’re not sure how many people out own two iPads, and need to use both at once, but we’re guessing that there definitely exists that minority. Perhaps one iPad is for work while the other is for personal use, who knows, but the good news for that minority is that there’s finally a casing that has been designed to hold two iPads at once, meaning you won’t have to lug around two separate cases anymore.

It’s called the Double iPad case and it’s made by a small case manufacturer called ZooGue. There’s really not much to the case, and its only unique selling point is the fact that it will hold two iPads at once. No word on pricing but many seem to think that ZooGue should charge a premium for the Double iPad case, considering that those who can afford two iPads for themselves should be able to pay a premium for a case that holds both their devices in one place (we’ll reserve our judgement on that).

The Double iPad case is expected to go on sale tomorrow, and for those interested in seeing it in action, check out the video below. The casing has yet to make an appearance on ZooGue’s website, so pricing is still unknown at this point.

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