BlackBerry PlayBookAfter being out on the market for a number of months now, it looks like the developer community has finally made some headway with the device. A developer named Chris Wade managed to root the QNX tablet over the weekend. This basically means that he’ll be able to access, files, folders and settings that are normally unavailable to non-rooted users. It’s a pretty big step forward for the developer community as this appears to be the first case of the tablet being rooted successfully.

No, you won’t be able to load custom ROMs onto the tablet just yet (that requires unlocking of the bootloader) but it’s a start. However, this root is based on a previously discovered exploit, so once RIM finds a way to patch it, you can be pretty sure they will. Wade has named this root method “dingleberry” and has plans to release tools that will let anyone root it – stay tuned for more details.

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