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Ford Sync System May Switch From Microsoft To BlackBerry
BlackBerry may have a major contract coming its way if a new report turns out to be true. Bloomberg hears from people “briefed on the matter,” that the next generation Ford in-car Sync system will replace Microsoft’s Windows technology in favor of BlackBerry’s QNX. Apparently this is being done after persistent customer complaints of sub-standard voice recognition and malfunctioning touchscreens. QNX is already powering similar systems in vehicles by Audi and […]

QNX Shows Off Bentley Continental GT Concept Car
[CES 2013] The QNX platform is not only what RIM’s Blackberry 10 mobile operating system is based on, but it is used in other products, cars being one of them, and during CES 2013, the company took the wraps off a Bentley Continental GT where the QNX Car application platform was demonstrated. This demonstration was to show how the QNX platform is being used to allow customers to create the […]

Plants vs. Zombies released for the PlayBook but it is nowhere to be found
The long-awaited Plants vs. Zombies has finally made its way over to RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet – according to an official announcement on EA’s website. Yesterday the company announced that the game is “now available” however, a quick search on the BlackBerry App World shows the game nowhere to be found. There are many other zombie games listed but the addictive PopCap doesn’t seem to be one of them.

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 3.0 being tested?
While most BlackBerry PlayBook owners are eagerly awaiting the arrival of PlayBook OS 2.0, it looks like RIM has already started working on the next version – if rumors are to be believed. The folks over at have reported that, according to a source, the PlayBook OS 3.0 is being tested right now. RIM has failed to make any mention of a PlayBook OS 3.0 in the past so […]


RIM QNX in Porsche concept
[CES 2012] When it comes to automobile technology at CES, you can be sure that there will be new and old players alike each year, trying to outdo each other with their latest releases. Research In Motion’s Porsche Carrera concept car proved to be quite the attention seeker, where the vehicle showed off a slew of innovations which ran on RIM’s QNX platform. What makes this so special? Well, QNX […]

All BlackBerry PlayBook tablets going for $299
Looks like the BlackBerry PlayBook is now going up for sale with yet another massive discount. While it’s no HP TouchPad firesale, you can now purchase any BlackBerry PlayBook for $299. Yes that’s right – regardless of whether your choose the 16GB, 32GB or 64GB model, the PlayBook will cost the same price – which basically means: don’t expect the 64GB model to stay in stock for long (assuming the […]

RIM now accepting Android app submissions from aggregator developers
We’re all still waiting for RIM to bring Android app support to the BlackBerry PlayBook, and while it’s still not here yet, it looks like we’re one step closer. RIM announced today that it is now accepting app submissions from Android app aggregator developers. In case you were wondering what Android app aggregator developers are: they help developers expand their app distribution to a larger audience. In this case, they […]

Rooted BlackBerry PlayBook allows USB host support
If you’ve always thought that your BlackBerry PlayBook didn’t have enough memory, fret not – a solution is here. Remember the Dingleberry rooting method? Well, some folks have discovered some interesting new uses for their BlackBerry tablet. First off we had the ability to install the Android Market and run Android apps, now someone managed to figure out how to enable USB host access on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Next BlackBerry PlayBook to feature 4G LTE connectivity and a higher resolution display?
While RIM hasn’t formally announced any plans to release a brand new BlackBerry PlayBook yet, it looks like they might have one in the pipeline. The folks over at got their hands on the PlayBook OS 2.0 beta recently, did some digging, and uncovered some interesting tidbits. Apparently hidden in the OS are a bunch of icons showing 4G and 4G LTE connectivity. While this isn’t concrete proof of […]

BlackBerry PlayBook update disables dingleberry root
Remember the BlackBerry PlayBook root method that was discovered last week? RIM announced that it would be investigating the exploit and releasing a patch to close the hole. Well, it seems like RIM has kept to its word and true enough – the hole which dingleberry uses to gain root access has been closed by the latest update that has been issued to the PlayBook. It looks like the short-lived […]

RIM investigates BlackBerry PlayBook rooting
Yesterday we reported that the BlackBerry PlayBook was successfully rooted by a developer via the “dingleberry” method. Well, it looks like RIM is now aware of the situation and is looking into it. The company released a statement saying that it is now in contact with the “security researchers” behind the exploit. RIM is also aware of the developer’s plans to release tools that will let anybody root their PlayBook, […]

BlackBerry PlayBook rooted
After being out on the market for a number of months now, it looks like the developer community has finally made some headway with the device. A developer named Chris Wade managed to root the QNX tablet over the weekend. This basically means that he’ll be able to access, files, folders and settings that are normally unavailable to non-rooted users. It’s a pretty big step forward for the developer community […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS Adobe Flash and Air Update
Good news for BlackBerry PlayBook owners – RIM has just announced a new update for your QNX tablet that will be pushed out today. The update will be sent out over the air (OTA) and will bring your PlayBook OS up to version It will include the following fixes and updates: an updated version of Adobe Flash Player v11.1 and Adobe AIR 3.1, daylight savings time updates for time […]

BlackBerry PlayBook native email, calendar and contacts app spotted
It’s taken RIM awhile but it looks like they’ve finally made some progress on the essential native apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook. In case you’re unfamiliar with the PlayBook tablet, one of its biggest drawbacks was the lack of functionality when used without a BlackBerry phone. For example, the tablet didn’t even have its own native email client!Yesterday at the BlackBerry Innovation Forum, RIM gave a demonstration of the native […]

BlackBerry PlayBook on sale from $199 for a limited time
We’ve got some good news for those of you who have been holding out on getting a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. While it’s not the same as the buy-one-free-one promotion that RIM has for its business customers, RIM will be slashing the price of its QNX tablet down to the low price of $199 (16GB model of course) for a limited period of time. No word on how long this promotion […]

Duke Nukem 3D now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook
While Duke Nukem Forever isn’t doing a great job of holding up the Duke Nukem legacy, its popular predecessor, Duke Nukem 3D, has been assigned with that task instead. Recently made available on Android devices, the game has now been ported over to another mobile device: the QNX-running BlackBerry PlayBook. If you were tired of the games on your PlayBook, I guess it’s about time you relive the 90s with […]

Blackberry Colt could come with 4G LTE support
RIM’s Blackberry Colt is expected to be the company’s first BBX device. Not much is known about the device since RIM has done a pretty good job at keeping things hush for now, but recently a source has told N4BB one juicy detail about the Colt which we are sure will please many Blackberry users. According to the source, the upcoming Blackberry Colt will come with support for 4G LTE […]

RIM will continue to support Flash for the Blackberry Playbook
So we know that Adobe has plans to drop Flash for mobile browsers, but it seems like RIM is holding on somewhat stubbornly as they have announced that they will continue to develop the Flash plug-in for their Blackberry Playbook tablet device. This is because RIM “remains committed to delivering an uncompromised web browsing experience,” which apparently will require the use of the Adobe Flash plug-in.RIM is able to achieve […]

Additional Blackberry Colt specs revealed
There has been a lot of talk surrounding RIM’s new platform – BBX. The new platform is to RIM what Windows Phone is to Nokia, a second chance at reclaiming the market that both companies used to dominate, and along with their new platform, there has been talks about a BBX device called the Blackberry Colt, and thanks to n4bb, more details surrounding the device have emerged, although we’ll probably […]

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 update confirmed for February 2012
Remember today’s earlier reports about the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 update not arriving until next year? Well, it looks like those rumors were on the spot because RIM has come forward with a statement confirming its release date. The Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.0 update will be released to customers in February 2012. To add to the bad news, the BlackBerry Messenger app won’t be making it to the update, corroborating with […]