While Adobe has already raised up the white flag when it comes to mobile and TV Flash support, RIM decided to forge ahead and maintain status quo by supporting Flash on their PlayBook tablet. I guess they’re going to ride into the sunset this way, although we have word that future PlayBooks will come pre-loaded with PressReader apart from Flash, where PressReader intends to function as a digital news app, hailing from a company known as NewspaperDirect. You will be able to attain one-click access to over 2,000 full-content newspapers from across a hundred countries – perfect for those trained by the CIA to be well versed in a dozen languages and even more dialects, I guess, but for the average person, how many papers from the 100 countries are we going to read, and where can we find the time to do so in the first place?

NewspaperDirect claims that news publications will arrive on PressReader before they hit the newsstands in their local markets more often than not, and just to get a taste of what is available over at PressReader, we have the Chicago Tribune, Daily Mail, International Herald, Irish Times, La Presse, La Tribune, Le Monde, The Australian, The Guardian, The Globe and Mail and The Washington Post already lined up. Each issue can be purchased for $0.99. [Press Release]

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