We know that Intel is pushing hard for manufacturers to start rolling out ultrabooks, hoping that ultrabooks will become the new standard of notebooks that will be fast, thin, portable and ultimately emulate what Apple has managed to achieved with the MacBook Air. Well the good news is that if you’re shopping around for an ultrabook, come CES 2012 you will have more than enough options to choose from.

So how many ultrabooks can we expect to see at CES 2012? According to Consumer Electronics Association research director Shawn DuBravac, we should be able to expect to see about 30-50 new ultrabooks introduced at CES of 2012 which will be held early January 2012. His prediction was made at a presentation in London for a preview of CES.

For starters we know that companies such as Acer, ASUS, Lenovo and HP have already committed themselves to the ultrabook category, and it seems unlikely that these four companies will be introducing 50 new models amongst themselves. That will not be the case and that the majority will be by minor PC builders. It looks like we could be spoilt for choice come next year in terms of ultrabooks.

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