Who would have thought that the Dell Streak 5, one of the more unheralded Android-powered slate devices in the market, has been cleared for government use by the Pentagon? Yes sir, we are talking about an already discontinued device, but I guess after taking over a year to prepare the Dell Streak 5, it might be a waste of time to get back to the drawing board to incorporate enhanced security features such as remote wiping, device lockdown after too many incorrect password input attempts and remote access to “peripherals and security policy levels,” onto a different device.

Just so that you have a better idea and insight into why our government decided that the Android 2.2 FroYo-powered 5″ slate device is the best choice for whatever they’re going to do with it? DefenseSystems.com claims that the military “likes the form factor.” Well, at least we now know that Android devices are cleared for government use in certain segments. Guess Dell can include the Streak 5 into their next earnings report down the road, no?

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