Diablo 3When Diablo 3 was first revealed, it was met several negative reactions towards the overall look of the game. While some praised the game and its graphics, others said that the game felt too cartoony and lost the “dark” feel that was felt strongly in the first Diablo. If you belong to the latter category it appears that a mod is available that will allow you to “darken” the mood of the game.

This mod was used for Skyrim and seems to be available for Diablo 3 as well, although we’re not sure if the mod will still be usable once Diablo 3 is finalized and is out of beta. Either way for those lucky enough to be playing Diablo 3’s beta, you can download the mod and try it for yourself. Once again, proceed at your own risk, and as its uploader has mentioned, we’re not sure if this constitutes as “cheating or hacking” under Blizzard’s terms and conditions.

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