Interested in making your own digital lomo camera? Well the folks down at the Blue Ant Studio have managed to do just that. It’s made out of a combination of walnut, a hand polished aluminum frame, with the internals of the camera donated by a 5MP Vivitar Vivicam, coupled with an Olympus OM series interchangeable lens.

The end result appears to be a digital lomo camera that’s rather sleek looking, and to a certain extent, thanks to the wood and aluminum, pretty classy. In order to accomplish this, they need to remove the casing of the Vivitar Vivicam and add a new battery pack. This was done to reduce the amount of space required, since prior to this, the Vivicam required AAA batteries in order to work.

The photos that they managed to capture with their DIY digital lomo camera is pretty impressive. Granted the effects aren’t as wild as some ready-made lomo cameras and the lomo apps on your smartphone, but we’re guessing that there’s a sense of accomplishment of a DIY project that an app will never be able to replicate. Check out Blue Ant Studio’s website for a detailed read of the process, and some sample photos.

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