I guess ever since the remake of Tron came out last year, we have certainly seen our fair share of Lightcycles from different manufacturers, and here we are with Evolve Motorcycles announcing a couple of plug-in models for the masses, which we will concentrate on only one simply because of its design. Known as the Xenon, or Tron Lightcycle replica, this is an actual motorcycle which will boast of 32″ hubless rims that are guaranteed to turn heads. Apart from that, it will also feature an OLED light tape to add on to the authentic experience, setting you back by a cool $50,000 if you want to have one of these sitting in your driveway.

Evolve Motorcycles claim that their engineering wonder is able to hit a top speed of 100mph, while sporting a 100 mile range on its custom lithium ion battery system. I guess the price for this bike is all set to increase in due time, considering how it went for “just” $35,000 last year over at eBay. What do you think about getting this? A 100 mile range seems pretty decent for everyday use, but the problem is making sure no one vandalizes this where you park.

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