tron-lightcycle-illegalThere are times when vehicles from a movie franchise look way too cool to pass up in real life, assuming someone comes up with a replica that functions close to what the movie version is capable of doing. The Batmobile is one particular ride that has been rehashed many a time, but when it comes to the coolness factor, there is no way the Tron Lightcycle can be dismissed. In fact, a collector did fork out a rather handsome amount of money for it with hopes of riding it around town, only to realize that his hefty ride is deemed to be not road worthy by the local authorities over in China.

Mr. Yu who hails from Nanjing, China, saw sources claim that he paid anywhere from $55,000 and $120,000 – and that alone does not include shipping as well as brokerage charges. Regardless of where you come from in the world, that is still a sizeable amount of money. While it is a replica, this Lightcycle comes with an electric motor that allows one to hit speeds of up to 120 mph (200 km/h) in spokeless fashion, and it requires three hours of direct charging to bring an empty battery to that of a full one.

Nanjing’s Department of Motor Vehicles, however, refused to give approval for this Lightcycle due to “safety concerns”. Basically, motor vehicles cannot be used on public roads in China unless they have been produced or manufactured by a manufacturer that has already registered itself in China. Bummer!

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