It is good manners not to play with your food whenever you go out to eat – heck, doing so is also unacceptable at home unless you do not mind dad bringing down the belt from upstairs and introducing a new word to your ever expanding vocabulary when you were little, with each hiding being associated with “discipline”. Well, fast forward to today and the dad who dishes out a belting might probably end up in court for child abuse (how times have changed), and does this mean it is OK to play with one’s food? A restaurant decided that being more interactive with their customers is the way to go, hence projecting your food onto your table as part of its novelty to attract more customers to make return visits.

Guess ordering food has just become a far more interactive experience than ever before, and it just begs to be toyed around with. Richard Taylor, the man in the image above, did check out this restaurant, where a single push of a button will allow you to change different things, ranging from the table’s color to the food order.

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