Samsung is gearing up to introduce an innovative food integration platform called Samsung Food at the IFA 2023 event, Europe’s premier consumer electronics exhibition. Set to take place in Berlin, Germany, on September 1, the launch will mark a significant step forward for the tech giant. During a press conference at IFA on Aug. 31, 2023, Samsung will unveil its new products.

Samsung Food is an AI-powered platform designed to offer a personalized culinary journey to users of Samsung home appliances. With features ranging from recipe discovery and storage to meal planning, cooking, and content sharing, Samsung Food consolidates all these functions under one unified place, linking with kitchen devices like the Family Hub Refrigerator and the BESPOKE AI Oven.

Approximately 160,000 Available

According to SamMobile, The platform will simplify meal preparation by granting access to a vast repository of approximately 160,000 recipes. Leveraging AI, it can even identify ingredients stocked in users’ refrigerators, generating tailored food suggestions — It’s even possible to archive appealing recipes in the ‘My Recipes’ section for future use.

Samsung Food’s utility extends to users’ cooking proficiency, offering guidance matched to skill level, cooking duration, and availability; Customized recipes will sync with kitchen appliances, streamlining the cooking process by auto-configuring optimal settings, like cooking temperatures.

Samsung Food being presented in South Korea (Image: Samsung Korea)

Exciting Updates Coming Soon

Presently accessible via mobile and Bespoke Refrigerator’s Family Hub, Samsung Food’s personalized recipe feature will soon receive updates. Plans are underway to link Samsung Food with Samsung Health, enabling users to align their meals with health preferences. The integration of ‘Vision AI’ (a technology allowing users to assess a food’s nutritional content by simply photographing it) is another huge feature that will be implemented in the future.


The app’s rollout will encompass 104 countries and support 8 languages, becoming available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. As Samsung takes bold strides in culinary-tech convergence, Samsung Food emerges as a tantalizing glimpse into the future of smart kitchens. We’re excited to see what’s coming from other brands in this area too!

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