If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ll probably encounter all kinds of vending machines all over the place. There will be machines that dispenses drinks, hot and cold, there will be machines that dispenses toys, there are some that can dispense food, and so on. However if you’re hankering for some freshly made fries, you’re in luck.

It seems that entrepreneurs at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands might have one-upped the Japanese in terms of vending machines. They have managed to create a vending machine that has the ability to dispense freshly made fries. This is a machine that can cook up a fresh batch for you in about two minutes all at the press of a button.

Unfortunately before you get too excited, the researchers have only created a prototype at the moment so don’t expect to see this made available anytime soon. Now we’re not sure when this fries vending machine will actually make it to the market, but we have to admit that we love the idea.

Imagine being able to purchase hot fries before going to the cinema, or grabbing a quick snack while on the go without having to deal with restaurants. However we suppose there will be some issues and questions with regards to its hygiene, but we suppose that could be worked out, but what say you? Are you on board with this idea?

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