Well, this makes sense – it has to, otherwise Greenpeace would lose all credibility in their fight for being eco-friendly. Their third Rainbow Warrior ship is greener than its predecessors, even with a helicopter pad and all. It is not really ready to sail the seven seas at the moment, but it did make its home at London but for a short period of time. The Rainbow Warrior might not look like much (I’m half expecting a bunch of Care Bears to come out and shine their love), costing a cool $23 million in the process, but it is said to be a state-of-the-art vessel.

Featuring a 55m high mast, it will be able to deliver far more sail power than normal for a boat of this size, allowing it to sail more and sip less fuel in the process. Apart from that, there are built-in systems that recycle the engine’s heat and waste “grey” water, while the hull itself has been designed to minimize friction in the water for added sustainability. As for the hard coating on its hull, that part is 100% free of biocides, as with the wood in the cabins being FSC-approved, not to mention onboard recycling systems and biological sewage treatment.

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