concept-sailboatNow here is a conceptual vessel for the seven seas that would make any Captain proud – and the Vindskip, as it is known, was designed by Norwegian design firm Lade AS. This new concept vessel might actually see sailing to return in vogue where oceanic travel is concerned. The conceptual vessel, the Vindskip, happens to be one large cargo ship that can speed across the surface of the sea all the while being largely powered by wind instead of a nuclear motor or some other kind of fuel. Vindskip is translated directly to Windship, and it does not use sails in the traditional manner, but rather, will feature a special hull design that will function as a massive airfoil.

This kind of airfoil, theoretically speaking, would be able to harness the wind which will strike the ship’s sides, while using its force to pull the ship in advance. According to Lade AS, the design is efficient because of principle that is not different from that of aerodynamic lift, and by making full use of existing weather data, the vessel is able to plot a course which will ensure the wind-aided propulsion works at maximum efficiency. Do bear in mind that these are all claims on paper considering how this is a concept.

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