In this day and age, it is nearly impossible to live without electricity – sure, you can keep warm with fur coats or use charcoal to fire up that heater in your home, but none of those are going to get your iPad up and running once it has exhausted its battery, right? In order to deliver power to rural Navajos in a green and cost effective manner, a hybrid power generator that relies on both the rays of the sun as well as wind power was installed at the Navajo Reservation west of Farmington, N.M., merging an eight-panel solar array, small wind turbine, and battery in a solitary unit on a shipping skid.

It is capable of outputting alternating current to the one-story house located right next door, letting the family benefit from the numerous modern conveniences that they have in their home – such as the refrigerator, HDTV, microwave, as well as electric lights. Hopefully more of such green solutions can be incorporated in different parts across the US (and the world) so that everyone will have the right to basic necessities in their backyard.

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