MegaPhoneSometimes the simplest solutions can be just as effective are more complicated ones, like in the case of en&is’ MegaPhone. This speaker dock for the iPhone amplifies the audio coming out of your iOS device without using any electricity. It’s built in a shape that’s similar to a gramophone, with a small opening for you to place your iPhone in (speakers facing downwards) – and that’s it. There’s no 30-pin connector for you to charge your device; but frankly, who needs electricity when you’ve got nature (science?) to get the job done?

While it’s not the first time we’ve seen a dock use natural acoustics to amplify sound, this is definitely one of the most stylish ways it’s been executed. The MegaPhone is made from ceramic and comes with a matching wood base. It is available now in black, white ($550 each) or gold plated ($820). Purchase the MegaPhone.

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