Moto UndoneIt’s not every day you see an interesting motorcycle, but how about one that’s hard to see? A designer by the name of Joey Ruiter thought it would be a great idea to do so with his motorcycle project called Moto Undone. Stripping away everything but the bare essentials, leaving nothing behind but its wheels, engine and handlebars, he created an “invisible” motorcycle.By using reflective sheets of metal to house the internals of the motorcycle and to act as a seat, it creates an illusion of an invisible bike, with the rider floating on top of it.


In addition to being hard to see, the bike is also hard to listen out for, since it is powered by an electric motor. Moto Undone has a range of 90 miles or about 3 hours, and all gauges and riding information is displayed through downloadable smartphone apps. No word on whether we’ll see the bike available for sale, but we’re pretty sure something like this could catch on. What do you think?

[JRuiter I.D.]

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