Pogoplug mobile

Pogoplug has made a name for itself when it comes to creating a personal cloud. However, it is now introducing a free cloud service for mobiles devices that isn’t hosted by users. The idea behind it is that mobile devices have a limited space, and while you may want to have constant access to your whole photo/media library, it’s not always possible to store all that content on the phone. Pogoplug Free Cloud Storage offers a solution.

Essentially, users will be able to automatically upload photos/video/music to the Pogoplug Cloud, without requiring a sync. From there, it’s possible to share that content and organize access, using the existing Pogoplug features. Finally, it is possible to retrieve or stream that content back to the phone when needed.

Obviously, it is also possible to use a Pogoplug device as a self-hosted solution, but by making a cloud service, Pogoplug can serve a much larger number of customers who don’t want to own a personal server. Anyone can try it for free, and additional space can be purchased later on for $9.95 (50GB) or $19.95 (100GB). [Pogoplug]

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