RIM has just announced the launch of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion – a tool for corporate customers who want to link their Android and iOS phones to the BlackBerry network without compromising security. This occasion also marks the first time RIM has ever offered its network services to non-BlackBerry devices. With RIM losing the market share when it comes to smartphones, it looks like the company has to find other ways to protect its core business: BlackBerry Services subscriptions. By embracing other platforms, RIM can hope to stay relevant in the enterprise sector even though its BlackBerry smartphones are being used by less people.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will turn iOS and Android phones into enterprise-friendly devices that can be safe and secure enough to be used in a corporate environment. It will provide highly scalable management capabilities like asset management, configuration management, security and policy definition and management, security and protection for lost or stolen devices (remote lock, wipe), user and group-based administration, multiple device per user capabilities, app and software management, connectivity management (WiFi, VPN, certificates), and a centralized console.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is currently in early beta testing, with a closed beta program scheduled for January 2012 and an expected release date in late March. Great news for those of you who don’t want to carry company BlackBerry devices around and prefer to use your own phones instead. I wonder if this means we’ll be start seeing services like BBM brought over to other platforms.

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